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Our goal directed, evidence based, outcome measured and client centred approach enable us to provide quality service for our insurers.  We achieve our core value of “Unlocking Ability and Restoring Confidence” through facilitating early self management.  Professionals take advantage of our thorough yet succinct, objective and outcome based assessments to evaluate progress and determine needs.

The flexible nature of our service delivery means that clients can make progress towards their optimal potential  outside of a specialised gym, into their homes and in the wider community.  The multi-professional and trans-disciplinary nature of our service helps ensure seamlessness of service, close collaboration, minimisation of duplication, for maximum efficiency in their rehabilitation.

We provide training using specialised equipment at one of Brisbane’s best equipped neurological gym.  This enable the more dependent clients to use complex training equipment such as Lite Gait (body weight supported gait retraining), recumbent bike, Wiifit, Bobath plinth, tilt table, large gym mats, etc.  We can also work in pairs for clients who require two people assistance.

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