Eating too much sugar increases the risk of painful tooth decay, weight gain and obesity, and a number of serious health complications later in life, warned Dr Alison Tedstone, Chief Nutritionist for Public Health England (PHE).

Yet, the data show that many children (aged between 4 and 10 years) consume around 22 kg of sugar each year, while the daily recommended sugar limits are 19 g for 4-6 years; 24 g for 7-10 years; and 30 g for 11 years and older. PHE data reveal that a fifth of children aged 4-5 years and a third of children aged 10-11 years are overweight.

PHE introduced a new “Sugar Smart” app that enables barcode scanning of food and drink products revealing their sugar content. The app was launched as part of the Change4Life campaign and can be downloaded free from app stores or the Change4Life website.

My Rehab Team recently saw a client who had his stomach removed due to cancer. He lost a significant amount of weight as a result. The upside he saw was that his diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are all fine now!  As a result of this experience, he vouched to write a book to tell everyone the undeniable connection between these chronic diseases to being overweight!

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