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Neurological & General Occupational Therapy

Motor retraining toward improved upper limb function, spasticity management, cognitive retraining, vocational rehabilitation, medico-legal reporting, environmental enrichment, to stimulate motor return and functional independence, sensory retraining, etc. are some of our goal and treatment areas.

Occupational Therapy is an essential part of recovery and rehabilitation after an injury or for people who have a disability. Occupational Therapists are passionate about assisting people to overcome barriers and achieve their greatest level of independence.

My Rehab Team has a number of mobile Occupational Therapists who are experts at assessing you completing your daily tasks within your specific home environment.

Occupational Therapists believe in client’s guiding their therapy and bringing up the issues that are important to them. For example if you want to organize a gift for your friends birthday, return to playing golf or need help with showering talk to your OT!

Occupational Therapists can provide assessment and therapy for anyone who is currently experiencing difficulties in carrying out their daily activities due to physical or cognitive limitations. Occupational therapists specialize in wheelchair and equipment prescription, assistive technology, developing compensatory strategies after a change in your functioning, upper limb therapy, scar management, lymphodema management and cognitive retraining amongst other things!

Your OT can help to problem solve different ways of doing things with you to ensure you are meeting your rehabilitation goals.

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