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Speech Pathology

Swallowing difficulties, facial palsy, and cognitive communication difficulties are our key areas of expertise. Apart from using specific training exercises and techniques, we are your go-to-advisors on IT technologies for communication, communication aids, smart phone and tablets apps, etc.


Speech is something we can take for granted and difficulties in communicating with other people often results in a loss of confidence and self esteem.

Our Speech Pathologist at My Rehab Team frequently works with clients who have had a stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological disorders.  Our Speech Pathologist can help you to work on your speech, pronouncing words and sounds to facilitate communication skills, writing, reading as well as using signs, symbols and gestures to communicate.   She also works with people who have difficulties swallowing food and drink.

As part of your rehabilitation journey, your Speech Pathologist from My Rehab Team will work with you in a context which is most important and relevant to you.  E.g.  At home, at a local cafe, etc.

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