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Listening to changing needs of people to action tailored solutions.


A tailored team Approach

We believe that rehabilitation solutions should be tailored to enable people to reach their goals, within their specific life context and responsive to change. Our assessment begins with understanding people’s goals and concerns, identifying opportunities for rehabilitation, and offering treatment options that work for the individual and their station in life. We are mobile and affordable, caring and positive.  Our service is dynamic and tailored to be your rehab team.

Watch Milissa’s Inspiring Story

Milissa is a young stroke survivor.  Watch the video about her journey to recovery and how different therapy disciplines contributed to getting her life back on track.


Neurological Rehabilitation as delivered by My Rehab Team is treatment aimed to harness the potential of the nervous system for change or neuroplasticity to  unlock ability lost as a result of damage or injury to the system.  Conditions that may benefit from this are: Stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Acquired brain injury, complex disabilities, etc.

Neurological Physiotherapy

This is about movement retraining toward greater mobility and physical independence.  It is also about helping to reduce worsening disability and disease progression.   We commonly manage symptoms including spasticity, weakness, contractures, movement disorder, incoordination, dizziness, compensation and habitual non-use, etc.


Speech Pathology

Swallowing difficulties and  facial palsy are the weakness related issues we treat.  Cognitive communication difficulties are our other key areas of rehabilitation.  Additionally, we are your go-to-advisors on IT technologies such as communication aids, smart phone and tablets apps to enhance your communication ability.

Neurological Occupational Therapy

Improving arm function, cognition, vocational rehabilitation, environmental enrichment to stimulate functional independence, sensory retraining, medico-legal reporting, prevention of worsening contractures, management of spasticity in the upper limb, etc. are some of our areas.


Neurological Podiatry

Our neurological podiatrist prescribe orthotics, makes footwear recommendations, and address foot/ankle biomechanics issues in a way that takes in full consideration of our clients’ neurological symptoms and presentation.

Mobile Physiotherapy

Additional to neurological rehabilitation we also deliver aquatic physiotherapy, falls prevention, lymphodema management, acute back pain management, pilates for therapy, acupuncture for pain, and so on.


Mobile Podiatry

Our mobile podiatrists are experts in ensuring you have “happy feet”.  Conditions commonly present to us include assistance to manage toenails and related conditions such as fungal infection, ingrown toenails, corn and callouses, etc.  Additionally, we often deal with painful symptoms in the feet cause by rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, flat foot, elevated arch, heel spur, etc.

Mobile Occupational Therapy

Our general occupational therapy services attend to areas including fatigue, scar, lymphodema, community access retraining, wheelchair prescription, safety and access in the home, aids and equipment prescription, MASS and CAEATI applications, etc.

Mobile Dietician

One of a key mission of our dietician is to help our clients decipher through a plethora of confusing dietary advice and information that floods the market these days.  Our clients are provided tailored nutritional program in tune with their health condition to benefit their rehabilitation goals and dietary objective.   Seeing our clients in their own homes not only has the advantage of ensuing privacy, it optimises our effectiveness by enabling our dietician to synchronise our advice with our clients’ dietary values and habits at home.

Mobile Rehabilitation

Mobile Rehabilitation as delivered by My Rehab Team is treatments (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Dietetics, Exercise Physiology, and rehab assistant/coach), directed in the home or community environment for people who would like their therapies to be executed in the privacy of their preferred environment.  Health conditions that may benefit from this are:  Falls, post joint replacement or orthopaedic injuries, arthritis, acute lower back pain, foot and ankle care, inactive lifestyle and associated problems, etc.


Collaborating with and empowering people to attain their personal goals.


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