A 2013 report on Independence and Opportunity for those with disability proved that decreasing engagement and independence could result in mental health and isolation (Strokes, 2013). Equal opportunities ensure the best quality of life is available. My Rehab Team is passionate about enabling, and a robotic mower is one solution to provide self-sufficiency in the home.

Lawn mowing companies such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Honda, Cub Cadet and Bosch, are now releasing Robotic Lawnmowers. Robotic Mowers can be very beneficial when one’s mobility and independence is restricted by a stroke, Parkinson’s, or other mental and physical factors. The mower detects the perimeters of your backyard then automatically cuts grass, ensuring the task of maintaining a backyard is made easy. Set-up requires establishing a power source for the docking station, assessing your backyard’s layout, and installing a boundary wire. Some mowers may connect to your phone or have a GPS navigation system.

Occupational Therapists at My Rehab Team can assist you to explore the latest technology. Contact us on 1300 469 734 or  info@myrehabteam.com.au  for more information.


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