96% of Australians with disability live in housing amongst the community (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2020). These include homeowners, rentals, government housing, social housing or long-term care accommodation. A study by Anglicare in August 2020 revealed that of the 76,962 rental properties advertised for lease, only 0.3% were affordable and suitable for people with disability (Anglicare Australia, 2020).

Modifications for accessibility and prevention of injury may include fitting handrails, ramps, bathroom alterations, widening doors, adjusting counters heights, blackout blinds, induction stoves, and smart home technologies. Even though accessibility should be a right for every individual, 16% of people with disability in Australia are dissatisfied with their homes, and only 12% have the appropriate household modifications (Australia Bureau of Statistics, 2018). Minimum accessibility standards in the National Construction Code are currently investigating this issue. (Gusheh et al., 2021).

Our staff at My Rehab Team offer in-home therapy as well as services including minor home modifications and advocating for more suitable housing. Contact My Rehab Team on 1300 469 734 or  info@myrehabteam.com.au  for more information.


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Image by tedparker1 [cropped], https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0 via Wikimedia Commons