Neurological & General Mobile Physiotherapy

We believe that Physiotherapists are paramount to your rehabilitation journey! As Physiotherapists, we specialise in movement, strength, balance, endurance, posture, pain and helping to regain your physical abilities!

Our mobile physiotherapists work with our clients on motor retraining toward greater independence, gait (walking) retraining, spasticity management, functional electrical stimulation for motor retraining and/or orthotics purposes, running training post neurological condition, vestibular rehabilitation, balance, co-ordination retraining and more.

We utilise a variety of methods to assess and treat their patients, plus assess and treat clients who have a wide range of presenting conditions. These may include brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, back pain, muscle pain and arthritis just to name a few.

Some of the interventions used by our mobile physiotherapists include:

  • motor relearning and coaching,
  • therapeutic exercises,
  • acupuncture,
  • dry needling,
  • individualised Pilates program,
  • functional electrical stimulation,
  • splinting and casting,
  • prescription of the orthosis,
  • postural and positioning
  • advice,
  • aquatic physiotherapy (hydrotherapy), and so on.

At Home Brisbane Mobile Physiotherapy

At My Rehab Team, our mobile physiotherapists have extensive training and skills in providing a holistic approach to rehabilitation after an injury or providing practical solutions to maximise your abilities if you have a long-term disability.

Being mobile means that we can treat you within the comfort of your own home, which allows for privacy and also a tailored solutions to suit your day to day lifestyle and goals.

Also, we have access to the latest rehabilitation equipment through collaborating with other services.

Physiotherapy Case Study 1:

We manage the complex neurological injury of the upper limb.  We saw a gentleman after a motorbike accident who sustained a severe injury to his brachial plexus which rendered him unable to move his arm.

After a nerve transfer surgery, therapy involved helping the patient to prevent the development of joint and soft tissues contractures (stiffness).

After 3 months, the patient noticed that the subluxation in his affected shoulder was a lot less.  This directed our physiotherapist to start therapy towards working on active assisted movements. The arm has now become strong enough to exercise using BedEx (frictionless mats).

Our Occupational Therapist also worked with him on 1-handed strategies at the start to enable his independence.  As his arm movement improved, we worked on progressively re-introducing functional participation of the affected arm.

Physiotherapy Case Study 2:

We optimise function through the use of technology.  We saw another gentleman who had no certain diagnosis but he walked with dropped feet and severely hyperextended (bowed backwards) knees.

We trained him using an electrical stimulation system to improve his hamstring and tibialis anterior activation to help improve his walking pattern and reduce pain which he has been experiencing in his knees.

Physiotherapy Case Study 3:

For a client who suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury.  We started walking training with him using a forearm support wheeled frame.  My Rehab Team physiotherapist and assistant worked with him initially at a well-equipped rehabilitation gym run by MS Queensland.

Aquatic physiotherapy was an integral part of his program as well.  And now he walks to his local pool and gym using a single crutch.  We continued to help him improve the strength of his legs, thereby improving his mobility.

Subsequently, the Occupational Therapist and the Physiotherapist worked jointly on re-training the skills involved in returning to work again.

We are highly skilled to identify the main problems.  We saw a patient who was not long discharged from the hospital after a hip fracture.  Upon further assessment, it became apparent that the patient’s main problem was his Parkinsonism symptoms.

This led our working on improving his walking and overcoming problems such as the shuffling of his feet, freezing when walking through doorways and when making turns.

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