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Motor retraining toward improved upper limb function, spasticity management, cognitive retraining, vocational rehabilitation, medico-legal reporting, environmental enrichment, to stimulate motor return and functional independence, sensory retraining, etc. are some of our goal and treatment areas.

Occupational Therapy (OT) is an essential part of recovery and rehabilitation after an injury or for people who have a disability and are passionate about assisting people to overcome barriers and achieve their greatest level of independence.

OT is used in rehabilitation and treatment, for both old and young people and pair with a treatment program, a therapist helps people with disabilities develop the skills to live independently. In some cases, we may also recommend home modifications as well.

Occupational therapists work with patients on their daily living activities, such as cooking or cleaning. They help clients learn how to use adaptive devices like utensils that can be held by hand instead of just relying on teeth to hold them.

Occupational Therapy Home Assessment in Brisbane

My Rehab Team provides mobile occupational therapy services and rehabilitation at your home. This allows our qualified team of OT health professionals to expertly assess you completing your daily tasks within your home environment and provide solutions to improve your overall lifestyle and minimise challenges.

Our mobile occupational therapy services are available across the Brisbane and Logan regions.

How can an Occupational Therapist assist with your recovery or goals?

An Occupational Therapists can provide assessment and develop a recovery program for anyone who is currently experiencing difficulties in carrying out their everyday activities due to physical or cognitive limitations.

An OT can specialise in the following areas:

  • wheelchair and equipment prescription,
  • assistive technology,
  • developing compensatory strategies after a change in your functioning,
  • upper limb therapy,
  • scar management,
  • lymphodema management,
  • OT management,
  • cognitive retraining,
  • home modifications,
  • driving assessment
  • and much more.


Functional Capacity Assessment


When may one request a Functional Capacity Assessment?
1.  To request for NDIS access 
2.  To review how best to utilise the support resources at the start of an NDIS plan. 
3. To review the support needs of a participant who may have experienced a change of situation:  a decline in function, loss of informal support, significant change in living environment, etc. 
Who can complete a Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA)?

Typically, Occupational Therapists will complete an FCA.  For clients with a psychological condition, a psychologist often has a better appreciation of the relevant symptoms and their functional impact.  Therefore, our psychologist has effectively completed FCA and reports for these clients.  

How does a functional capacity assessment capture one’s support needs?

A typical assessment involves the understanding of the individual’s capacity in the functional domains of communication, social interactions, self care or personal activities of daily living, self management or instrumental activities of daily living, mobility,  and learning.  Through interviews, observations, and the execution of standardised assessment tools, the assessor provides a clinical picture regarding the level of capacity or independence of an individual.  This enables the assessor to provide recommendations regarding the support needs of the individual.  Supports that are to be funded by the NDIS must meet the “Reasonable and Necessary” criteria.  For detailed explanation of this criteria, please visit NDIS’s website.

What does a functional capacity assessment involved?
1.  A face-to-face assessment.
2. The completion of a number of standardised assessment questionnaires by the client and/or their nominee. 
The report takes around 4 weeks to complete.  It is usually around 20 pages long.  Upon completion, it will be submitted to the client and/or their nominee and the relevant stakeholders to review before finalising.  
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Personalised OT Management

Our team of occupational therapists believe in the client’s guiding their therapy and bringing up the issues that are important to them.

For example, if you want to organise a gift for your friends birthday, return to playing golf or need help with showering you can talk to your OT on how you can achieve that goal.

Your OT can help to problem solve different ways of doing things in your everyday life and ensure you are meeting your rehabilitation goals.

Better Outcomes with Physiotherapy & Rehab Services

At My Rehab Team we are focused on your rehabilitation from a holistic approach. As a result, we believe the combination of other services we offer including physiotherapy, rehab, podiatry and dietetic services helps us to achieve better overall outcomes and improve the quality of life for our clients.

Speak with a Brisbane Occupational Therapy Expert

Contact My Rehab Team for a no-obligation, over-the-phone consultation with a senior occupational therapist to understand your needs and requirements.  If agreed upon, we will then book an in-home session that best suits you. In some circumstances we can also offer telehealth services.

Call 1300 469 734 or email for a consultation, booking or for more information.

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My Rehab Team is a registered NDIS provider. We assist clients with their NDIS application process by providing the evidence required.

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