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How a Dietitian plays an important role in your therapy towards independent living?

Dietitians have an important role in a client’s independent living after an injury or for people with disabilities. Dietitians are experts at providing you with a tailored nutritional program, which is appropriate for your dietary objective and your health condition. Beyond just healthy eating, they consider any changes you may have experienced since your neurological injuries such as your ability to swallow, cope with food of various textures and weight management and nutritional needs.

The Dietitians may create a diet plan, which can help to deal with, treat or prevent medical conditions and facilitate your rehabilitation process.

At My Rehab Team, our mobile NDIS dietitians are passionate about your recovery and stay up to date on the latest nutrition research.

Anybody who wants to improve their nutrition, maintain their weight or have sustained an injury can see a Dietitian.

Dietitian Services

Dietetic service is an integral service of My Rehab Team.  Our dietitians have further training and experience in neurological conditions. 

Common types of work they do are: 

  • helping clients Parkinsons to maintain a healthy weight and minimise constipation;
  • training carers to prepare delicious meals which are in line with the client’s swallowing ability and dietary needs;
  • providing alternative options of meals and food to minimise the impact of food related behaviour on one’s health;
  • monitoring someone who is on enteral feed; providing food and
  • supplement advice that can improve brain health, etc.  
  • food intolerance / food allergies
  • weight loss / weight gain
  • lifestyle advice with regards to nutrition

Benefits of Working With A Dietitian

    Optimal outcomes depends on having good nutritional health.  A diet that meets the need of the individual is a key to this. 

    Our Dietitians work closely with our speech pathologist frequently to provide a meal plan and food advice for clients with specific swallowing and dietary needs.  They are able to help relieve symptoms that hamper one’s progress in rehabilitation. 

    For example, being underweight, constipation, diarrhoea, being overweight, etc.  Certain dietary strategies can augment someone’s progress in therapy by improving energy, cognition, etc. 

    What Is The Process?

    You do not need a doctor’s recommendation to see our dietitians, but we may need to contact your doctor to find out about your health history.  Referrals can be made through our website.  You can also call us.  

    NDIS Information

    NDIS supports dietetics intervention for participants who have diet and nutritional issues directly related to their disability.  To see if you can access dietetics services, please give us a call.  

    Other Useful Information

    If you have a neurological condition, you can also visit the website of the organisation dedicated to your condition for helpful diet and nutritional information.  E.g. Stroke Foundation Australia, Parkinson’s Australia.  

    Speak with a Mobile Dietitian

    Enhance your rehabilitation and improve your health by discussing your dietary needs with one of our friendly dietitians. In addition, since our team is mobile we can provide our dietitian services can be provided within the privacy of your own home, making it more convenient, accessible and we can tailor a solution to your current needs and environment. 

    My Rehab Team provides dietetic services from Brisbane city, surrounding suburbs and Logan regions. If you’re outside these areas, feel free to contact us to discuss whether we can still service you or refer you to another reputable provider.

    Speak with our professional team who can provide at home dietitian and therapy services, please contact us on 1300 469 734 or


    My Rehab Team is a registered NDIS provider. We assist clients with their NDIS application process by providing the evidence required.

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