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Why a Dietitian plays an important role in your rehabilitation?

Dietitians have an important role in a client’s rehabilitation after an injury or for people with disabilities. Dietitians are experts at providing you with a tailored nutritional program, which is appropriate for your dietary objective and your health condition. They consider any changes you may have experienced since your neurological injury such as your ability to swallow, cope with food of various textures and manage your weight and nutritional needs.

The Dietitians may create a diet plan, which can help to deal with, treat or prevent medical conditions and facilitate your rehabilitation process.

The mobile Dietitians at My Rehab Team are passionate about your recovery and stay up to date on the latest nutrition research.

Anybody who wants to improve their nutrition, maintain their weight or have sustained an injury can see a Dietitian.

Types of interventions that Dietitians can offer include: creating an individualised eating plan to suit you including making recommendations around how much to eat and the texture of the food for example.

Dietitians can provide you with specific weight management strategies and advice; provide you with resources and support to help you achieve your goals.

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Our mobile Dietitian service is provided within the privacy of your own home, making it personal and accessible. 

My Rehab Team provides dietetic services across Brisbane and Logan regions. If you’re outside these areas, feel free to contact us to discuss whether we can still service you or refer you to another reputatable provider.

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